Standby power

When you defined a virtual power sensor and the referenced entity is OFF, Powercalc will consider the appliance standby and use the standby_power option to determine it’s power. The following states are considered off for powercalc:

  • off

  • not_home

  • standby

  • unavailable

Given the following example:

    - entity_id: light.some_light
        power: 50
      standby_power: 2

When the light is ON power will be 50, when the light is OFF power will be 2.

Passing templates as the standby_power value is also supported for entities created with YAML.

Sleep power

This setting comes in handy when a device enters a sleep mode after X amount of time which changes the power consumption.

You’ll need to define both power and delay.

    - entity_id: media_player.smart_speaker
        power: 4
      standby_power: 1
        power: 0.3
        delay: 200

In the above scenario power will be 4 when the media player is on and/or actively playing. When the media player turns off the power will change to 1, then after 200 seconds the sleep mode will get activated and power will change to 0.3.