You can help by adding missing translations when you are a native speaker. Or add a complete new language when there is no language file available.

Powercalc uses Crowdin to make contributing easy.

Changing or adding to existing language

First register and join the translation project.

Next translate a string.

  • Select the language you want to contribute to from the dashboard.

  • Click Translate All

  • Find the string you want to edit, missing translation are marked red.

  • Fill in or modify the translation and click Save

  • Rinse and repeat for other translations.

You are done now.


Powercalc will automatically pull in latest changes in translations every hour and create a Pull Request for that. After that is reviewed by a maintainer if will be included in the next release of Powercalc

Adding new language

Create an issue on github requesting a new language. We will do the necessary work to add the new translation to the integration and Crowdin site.