Sensor Naming

This page described how entities are named by default in Powercalc and the options to change that behaviour.

Default naming convention

Let’s assume you have a source sensor light.patio with name “Patio”. Powercalc will create the following sensors by default.

  • sensor.patio_power (Patio power)

  • sensor.patio_energy (Patio energy)


Utility meters will use the energy name as a base and suffix with _daily, _weekly, _monthly

Change suffixes

To change the default suffixes _power and _energy you can use the power_sensor_naming and energy_sensor_naming options. The following configuration:

  energy_sensor_naming: "{} kWh consumed"

will create following sensors:

  • sensor.patio_power (Patio power)

  • sensor.patio_kwh_consumed (Patio kWh consumed)

Friendly naming

This option allows you to separately change only the name (shown in GUI), it will not have effect on the entity id

  energy_sensor_naming: "{} kwh"
  energy_sensor_friendly_naming: "{} Energy consumed

will create following sensors:

  • sensor.patio_kwh (Patio Energy consumed)

Change full name

You can also change the base sensor name with the name option

    - entity_id: light.patio
      name: Patio Light

will create:

  • sensor.patio_light_power (Patio light power)

  • sensor.patio_light_energy (Patio light energy)